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Travel consciously


Discover Halifax through a lens of conscious travel. This is your guide to exploring this beautiful region while slowing down and minimizing your environmental impact. Explore sustainable itineraries and get practical tips for a greener journey.

Whether you’re into local food, sustainable shopping, coastal hikes, or rural getaways, Halifax has you covered.

What does it mean to travel slowly?

Slow travel is a more meaningful way of travelling. It’s about forming deeper connections with a place, taking your time, and savouring the moments along the way – the journey, the destination, and the people. It’s a sense of calm and relaxation. And the Halifax region is the perfect place for it.

How to Reduce Your Footprint While Travelling

  1. Travel off-peak season to avoid over tourism.
  2. Stay longer in a single place, rather than hopping around.
  3. Travel on foot, by pedal, or by public transit when possible.
  4. Shop small at farmers’ markets, and locally owned boutiques and shops.
  5. Dine out at restaurants that offer locally sourced plates, rather than chain restaurants.

4 Ways to Leave the Halifax Region Better Than You Found It

Please keep these recommendations in mind when visiting ecologically sensitive coastal locations in Nova Scotia:

  1. Leave no trace. Take only photos, and pack out what you pack in.
  2. Dunes are delicate. Avoid walking and driving on sand dunes.
  3. Steer clear of the birds. Shorebirds and seabirds use the coastline as nesting habitats and migration stopovers to rest.
  4. Report rare species. If you spy a rare plant or animal, log onto to report your sighting! This helps us identify and protect the places they call home.

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