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A Step-By-Step Guide to Halifax Public Transit

Using Halifax Public Transit is a convenient and sustainable way to get around the city during your stay, and we're laying it all out so that you can travel with ease.

Choosing public transit helps reduce transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to preserve our environment and meet the municipality’s ambitious goals for climate change mitigation. 

Which bus to take and where to get on

Want to know exactly where your bus is and when it’s coming? Just follow these simple steps by using Google Maps.

Step 1. Open Google Maps 

Step 2. Type where you want to go in the Search Bar at the top of the app where it says “Seach here”. Also ensure you type your current / departing location to get the right route.  

Step 3. Click the blue “Directions” button 

Step 4. Click the “bus” option/icon, usually situated between the driving and walking icons/options  

Step 5. Click on the timing that works best, i.e. “20 min” from the moment you searched 

Step 6. Click the blue “Start” button, which will tell you where to walk to catch your bus. The bus number is displayed in a purple coloured button within the app, so you know which bus number and name to look for i.e. “9A” 

3 ways to pay for your bus or ferry ride


HFXGO is Halifax Transit’s free mobile fare payment app. This app allows you to purchase Halifax Transit tickets and passes directly from your smartphone or mobile device.  

Ticket options range from day passes to one ride tickets and more.  

Download on iOS and Android devices. Once you purchase the ticket through the app, show the bus operator or ferry security staff the ticket on your phone prior to boarding. 

See all options + costs via HFX GO here.


If you are unable to download the HFXGO app, you can purchase Halifax Transit tickets in packs of 10 at many locations throughout the Halifax Region.

See all ticket retailers here


Visitors can also use the bus system or ferry service by paying cash on the spot. Note, you will have to use exact cash fare because change is not available. 

See fares here

The Halifax Harbour Ferry

Halifax Transit offers two ferry services

1. The Alderney Ferry service crosses the Halifax Harbour from Downtown Halifax to Alderney Landing in Downtown Dartmouth

2. The Woodside Ferry service crosses the Halifax Harbour from Downtown Halifax to Woodside.


  • Both Alderney and Woodside locations have large park-and-ride lots, so you can park your vehicle in Dartmouth and explore Downtown Halifax on foot.
  • Ferry service is accessible and integrated with the bus services.
  • You can use a transfer to board ferries and buses.
  • Please note the ferry terminals only take exact change if paying with cash.

Park your car for free

Halifax Transit has a number of park-and-ride lots throughout the city, most of which are free.

Park your car and ride the bus or ferry as a way to explore Halifax. 


Did you know? The Zero Emission Bus Project is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. The project will result in the addition of more than 200 electric buses to the Halifax Transit fleet, an expansion of the Ragged Lake Transit Centre, and an eco-rebuild of the Burnside Transit Centre to achieve a net-zero standard.