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Eastern Shore

For the True Granola

Map with points outlining the itinerary
About This Experience

Sometimes to go on vacation it's better to slow down than speed up, and we have just the itinerary for such a need. Scroll on to see the full adgenda.


Spend the morning exploring The Deanery Project. Discover the on-site bike hub, check out the solar kiln, and hike the numerous nearby trails.


Stop in for lunch at Uprooted Market & Cafe, before spending the afternoon cycling the Clam Harbour Loop.


Finish your day with a trip to Old Times Old Friends Antiques, a vintage store located just 2 minutes from your accommodation.


Finally, spend the night at the relaxing waterfront oasis of Ocean Bay View Guesthouse.

Get inspired

Join Cailin O’Neil, a video and food blogger, on her journey through the Eastern Shore discovering sustainable outdoor activities, local food, and shops.


About the Deanery Project

The Deanery Project is a unique, educational, off-the-grid rural retreat experience. Be inspired by artists, builders, and dreamers passionate about the environment, who have left a unique mark on the Deanery Project through their knowledge, skills, and creativity. The Deanery is an ever-evolving discovery, demonstration, and research site that welcomes guests to experience a serene rural setting to learn, share, discover and imagine. Deanery has evolved into a vibrant hub for educational demonstrations in environmental sustainability, rural living, the arts, and community building.​

Stay the night inside at the Bunkies in the Main Hall, which offers three dorm-style rooms with bunk beds or pitch your tent in the field and forest sites near the ocean. Enrich your stay through workshops related to energy, climate, and the arts. There are many trails to explore and take in the earthy, fresh smell of the boreal coastal forests of spruce and fir trees.​

Nearby activities include exploring the bike hub on site, checking out the solar kiln, renting a kayaking (from the Deanery or from Norse Cove), hiking the Deanery’s trails, taking a workshop from the Deanery, a boat tour with Murphy’s Camping, or cycling the Clam Harbour Loop.