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Eastern Shore

For the Backpackers & Wilderness Adventurers

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About This Experience

Enjoy a coastal place to stay that can be both relaxing and/or adventurous. What we know for sure, it will not disappoint you. Scroll on to learn more about Norse Cove Camping and it's surrounding things to do.

Stay & Do

A beautiful, rugged oceanside campground situated on the Eastern Shore with rustic tent platforms and Nordic cabins, Norse Cove Camping is the perfect destination for a small-footprint, eco-friendly camping experience. Each cabin and tent platform is equipped with just the essentials, embracing the Nordic concept of “friluftsliv” – meaning living simply outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.​

Enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean at sunrise and sunset, walk secluded trails, and rent a kayak to explore the pristine Wild Islands and white-sand beaches. At night, gather around your personal campfire or cozy up in the common longhouse to share stories with fellow adventurers. Fall asleep under a canopy of stars and wake up to the gentle lull of ocean waves against rocky granite bluffs just at the edge of your campsite. Norse Cove Camping offers adventurers the feeling of a remote wilderness experience just an hour and 15 minutes from downtown Halifax. ​

Nearby activities

Nearby activities include kayaking, enjoying solitude in nature, driving up to Sheet Harbour to explore the town and grab some food at Henley House and a drink at Sober Island Brewing. Take a boat tour from Murphy’s Camping, or a workshop at the Deanery Project.​