Shopping October 12, 2017

Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your IKEA Halifax Shopping Trip

IKEA is now open in Dartmouth Crossing, and at 330,000 square feet, there is a lot to take in!

Fortunately, making a visit doesn’t have to be akin to mounting a Swedish invasion; it can be a positive and PRODUCTIVE experience if you plan it right.

Here are some tips for planning your shopping trip: 

1 – Review the website first – IKEA requires tactical strategy!

Maybe you just want to browse aimlessly, discovering deals by chance, or perhaps you are looking for something specific. Either way, the sheer number of products contained in the store can be overwhelming; it can be easy to miss something.

Help narrow down your choices by shopping around on the website or the IKEA catalog first. Check out their weekly sales offers, review product recalls and announcements here, or do a search by room or product type.

You can even download and read a handy “Get to Know Us” guide!

Prone to getting lost? Review the store map before you go.

ikea mapvia

2 – Visit during the week

IKEA is no different than any other store in that it’s generally more crowded on the weekend.

The store is much less busy on weekdays or evenings, so try to visit then if you value your personal space.

3 – Follow the arrows ➡️➡️➡️

Although a store map is readily available, you may not necessarily need it. There are handy white arrows on the floor from the entrance to the end, laying a clear path for you to walk through every section of the store.

Just follow the arrows and you will make it to the end no problem.

4 – Eat, then shop!

IKEA isn’t just known for furniture, they also sell delicious snacks. There is a large restaurant on the top floor, and a smaller bistro and Swedish food market downstairs next to the exit. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the restaurant closes at 8pm, whereas the rest of the store closes at 9pm.

If you really have a craving for those tasty meatballs, I would recommend eating first, then shopping so you don’t miss out. Hello, free refills on coffee, tea and soft drinks!

Tip for parents: Småland, the playroom, also closes at 8pm.

5 – Check yourself out

The staff are great at IKEA, but with the large variety of products they have to scan in, and the multitude of questions they have to answer, it may be faster for you to use a self-serve check-out, particularly if you have only a few small items.

f you’re not confident in your technical abilities, not to worry; there are (of course) staff available to help you there also. You’re not totally on your own!

6 – Bring a bag (or 5)

This store doesn’t offer plastic bags (it is the company’s most sustainable building in Canada, after all), so be sure to bring some of your own, or pick one up at the cash.

There are bins right by each cashier with two sizes of blue bags, one for 75 cents, one for $1. Both are quite large, so one will likely be enough (as long as you don’t have a POÄNG).

ikea bag

Speaking of environmentally friendly features, be sure to check out the living wall of plants, and the electric vehicle recharging stations!

Now we can all know this feeling:

We hope these tips will help make your IKEA shopping experience “Väldigt kul” (aka: very fun)!

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