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Out-Of-This World Stargazing Adventure

6 Hours
Best for Summer
7 Stops
About This Experience

Sometimes you need a little space to get away from the everyday.

Take a break from the city lights, and turn your attention to the heavens. The secluded beaches and parks scattered across the Eastern Shore are free from light pollution, providing optimal conditions for viewing billions of stars in the clear night sky.

The Plan

  • Swing through Dartmouth for dinner before heading out on your adventure.
  • Take a drive away from the city lights, and into the spectacular sights and natural darkness of the secluded Eastern Shore.
  • Take a walk on Martinique Beach - with 5km of sandy beach, you’ll have no problem finding your own quiet place to sit back and enjoy the show.

Dine in Dartmouth before heading out

Swing through Dartmouth before heading out on your adventure to fuel up before heading out on your evening adventure. If you choose to dine in, try local-favourite Mic Mac Bar & Grill, a family-owned Dartmouth restaurant known for home-cooked meals. 

Ordering Tip: Can’t decide what to order? Mic Mac Bar & Grill is famous for their steaks - trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

If you decide to go for take out, try Stone Pizza - you can order online at or give them a call in advance and pick up your pizza when it’s ready to go.

Pizza Picnic: If your pizza makes it through the car ride (we won’t judge if it doesn’t), you can enjoy a pizza picnic on the beach!

Eastern Shore drive

Take a drive away from the city lights, and into the spectacular sights of the Eastern Shore.

There are plenty of places to stop along the way, whether you take in the scenic views at Lawrencetown Beach, or stroll the boardwalk along Salt Marsh Trail. We recommend a stop for ice cream at What's the Scoop in Fisherman's Cove.

Find your dark sky

You’ll find no shortage of out-of-this-world stargazing spots along the Eastern Shore. We suggest Martinique Beach - with 5km of beach, you’ll have no problem finding your own quiet place to sit back and enjoy the show. Plan to arrive before sunset to safely find your stargazing spot.

Fun fact: The Perseids are a meteor shower that peaks in the middle of August, with up to one meteor blazing across the sky every minute! 

Turn it into an overnight getaway

Stay the night nearby at Harbour Retreat or Ocean Bay View Guesthouse (both near Martinique Beach) or Moonlight Beach Suites (right next to Lawrencetown Beach). Set your alarm, and head to the beach in the morning to watch the sunrise.


  • Pick a clear night for optimal visibility.
  • Check in advance to find out what you might see, from planets to the International Space Station. There’s always something to look for - check out the the apps below to find them!
  • An App - There are lots of amazing free apps you can download on your phone to help identify what’s in the sky above you.
  • Binoculars - You don’t need a telescope to see the stars - the naked eye is fine, but a pair of binoculars really boosts your vision.
  • Flashlight - Flashlights or headlamps will help you safely make your way back. Tread carefully.
  • Blankets - Blankets to lie down on will let you peer straight up to the sky.
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