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Get fired up for the daily Noon Gun at the Halifax Citadel

Downtown Halifax
.25 hours
$11.70 CAD Per Person
All Year

About This Experience

Get a front row seat to watch the daily firing of the Noon Gun at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site!

Get up close and personal on the ramparts of the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, as the 78th Highlanders set about preparing the cannon to be fired at exactly 12 pm.

The firing of the Noon Gun has been a daily tradition in Halifax since 1857, as a tribute to Halifax’s history as a major British military stronghold.

Each day at 12 pm (except for Christmas Day), gunners dressed in the 3rd Brigade Royal Artillery uniform of 1869, fire a reproduction 12 pounder, smooth-bore muzzle loading gun from the ramparts of the Halifax Citadel.

Grab your earplugs and head on up the Hill to witness this 150-year old tradition in person.


⇒ Stay on top of the firing schedule: Follow the Noon Gun on Twitter @halifaxnoongun. #boom

⇒ Want more info on the Noon Gun? Check out our blog: Everything You Need to Know About Halifax’s Noon Gun


Things you should know

AccessibilityThe site is wheelchair accessible, including the ramparts, the Army Museum, most ground-level exhibits and the washrooms.
Daily Availability:Sunday - Saturday
Meetup LocationHalifax Citadel National Historic Site
Hours11:50 AM - 12 PM
Youth AdmissionYouth 17 and under get FREE admission!
Adult AdmissionGeneral admission grants visitors access to watch the firing of the Noon Gun
$11.70 CAD Per Person
Downtown Halifax
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