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Everything You Need to Know About Halifax’s Noon Gun

Have you ever been walking around downtown Halifax when you suddenly hear a thundering BOOM overhead?

If so, you’ve heard the firing of the Noon Gun from the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, a local tradition since 1856!

What is the Noon Gun?

Each day (except for Christmas Day), gunners dressed in the 3rd Brigade Royal Artillery uniform of 1869 fire a cannon to announce the noon hour.

The gun itself is a reproduction 12 pounder, smooth-bore muzzle loading gun used during the reign of King George III. This is a tribute to Halifax’s history as a major British military stronghold.

Get in on the action


Test your aim with the Ready, aim, fire! program, where you’ll fire an authentic Snider-Enfield rifle, just as they did in 1869!


If you want to be truly immersed in 19th-century Halifax, suit up in your own Highlander uniform and become a Soldier for a Day!

Learn to perform drills, fire a rifle and enjoy tea or lemonade with a scone! Learn more here.

Remember: Next time that you’re out exploring Halifax around noon and hear a loud BOOM, don’t worry, it’s a perfectly normal day in Halifax!

Just enjoy knowing that you had a quintessential Halifax experience that must be seen (and heard) to be truly understood.

Want to stay on top of the firing schedule? Just follow the Noon Gun on Twitter! #boom

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