Activities & Attractions June 9, 2016

Become a Lumberjack For a Day in HALIFAX

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Blog written by guest blogger Emily Baron Cadloff

I’m a city girl through and through, but sometimes you just to break out of your comfort zone! What better way to do that than by trying the latest trend in Halifax – axe throwing!

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That’s right, axe throwing. This timber sport has been around for generations, but now everyone is getting a chance to try their hand at it.

When I walked up to  the Timber Lounge, I’ll admit I was nervous. Could I really be a lumberjack? Was I wearing enough plaid? Could I even lift an axe, let alone throw it? (No, yes, and definitely!)

First, I had to learn the basics. The Timber Lounge has a room with four lanes – think bowling or darts, but way cooler. At the end of each lane is a target painted on a log. You get five points for hitting the bulls-eye, and lose points the further off you are.

I watched my friend Marc pick up an axe and toss it, effortlessly hitting the bullseye. Despite my shaking hands, he reassured me that everyone takes five throws to hit the target. So I picked up the axe, lifted it overhead, and threw a perfect spiral… just kidding. I awkwardly hefted the axe and chucked it with barely enough force to reach the end of the lane. It clanged heavily to the ground a foot before the target.

Clearly, I’m not a born lumberjack.

But after a few more throws, things were starting to feel good! I figured out the balance between strength and coordination, and became more confident in my throwing. On my fifth throw, I hit the target, just like Marc said.

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With a round-robin style tournament, The Timber Lounge feels like a perfect night out for a group of friends. There’s a viewing area in the back, a coach on-hand to help throwers perfect their tosses, and a sound system pumping out axe-cellent tunes.

Not only that, but The Timber Lounge is the first licensed axe-throwing lounge in North America, which means the bar is stocked with beer and wine – all local Nova Scotia brews, of course. Soon, they’ll have food from local food truck The Food Wolf on site, and they hope to expand to even more timber sports, like log rolling.

I had a great time, and I can’t wait to try it again.

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The Timber Lounge is located at 2710 Agricola Street.

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