Activities & Attractions March 11, 2016

5 Reasons to Visit the Halifax Central Library

In any city, it’s hard to find a space that has a strong appeal to both visitors and locals alike. Locals deem certain areas as ‘too touristy’, and visitors can have a hard time tapping into those spaces where the locals spend their time. And really, it’s too bad – both groups have a lot to learn from one another, and mingling between the two helps to create authentic experiences for travelers while developing  a strong pride of place for natives.

Luckily, Halifax has the perfect space for bringing people together – the new Halifax Central Library.

Thought of as the living room of the city, the Central Library appeals to not only bibliophiles but also serves as a community meeting space, a place to grab coffee and a theatre for live readings, music and films.

In case this hasn’t already piqued your interest, here are 5 more reasons to visit the Central Library:

1. Sustainability

While it’s great to have buildings that are easy on the eyes, it’s even better when they’re easy on the planet.

The Halifax Central Library is a leader in sustainability, aiming to achieve the gold level LEED certification. The green roof is perhaps one of the most noticeable sustainable features, aiding in the harvesting of rainwater for use in the flush fixtures throughout the building.

Behind the scenes, “at a minimum, 50% of all wood used in the construction of the library is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably grown and harvested.”

Visit the Halifax Central Library website to learn more.

2. The Coffee!

If you’re hoping to grab a great cup of coffee/espresso-based drink/tea and a treat while wandering through the stacks, this is definitely the place to do it.

Whether you visit the main level storefront while you’re passing by, or you want to sit and take in the views with your coffee in their fourth floor cafe, Pavia is a worthy destination.

3. Accessibility

One of the guiding principles of the design and development of the new Central Library was that it would be, “an accessible, bright, and welcoming destination for adults, youth, families, and newcomers providing opportunities for civic and social interaction as well as quiet individual use.”

The library has achieved its goal of accessibility through the inclusion of the standard features of elevators and wheelchair accessibility, but also includes lower counters and assistive technology, creating an accommodating space for all users.

4. The Views

While the library space itself is beautiful, the inside of the building has a hard time competing with the views of the city. Head up to the fourth floor (maybe grab a Pavia coffee and cookie while you’re up there?) and check out the panoramic views of the city.

See Citadel Hill, down to the water, and out towards Point Pleasant Park, depending on where you’re standing. If it’s a nice day, you can even sit outside on the rooftop patio.

5. Community Programming

Are you looking to learn new things and meet new people? It’s worthwhile to check out the community programming being offered by the Library.

From puppet shows for the kids, to author readings and free yoga, the program listing has a rundown of everything that’s being offered. It’s regularly updated, so be sure to check back often so you don’t miss out!

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