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10 Spectacular Places to Watch the Sunset in Halifax


The sun may set in the West, but here on the East Coast, the skies are known to light up in spectacular fashion for the sun's final descent over the Western horizon.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful places where you can watch the sunset in the Halifax region.

1. The Dartmouth Waterfront

10 min drive OR 15 min ferry ride from downtown Halifax

Hop on the Dartmouth ferry and enjoy a stunning view as you ride across the harbour on the oldest continuously-running salt-water passenger ferry service in North America (say that 10 times fast…).

When you’re on the Dartmouth side, you can sit close to the harbour looking out towards the Halifax waterfront and watch the sun come down over the city.

2. York Redoubt National Historic Site

20 min drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

This National Historic Site offers AMAZING views of the Halifax harbour, as well as McNabs Island and its lighthouse. It’s a great place to “get away” without having to go very far at all.

3. Oakfield Provincial Park

40 minute drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

Located on beautiful Grand Lake, Oakfield Provincial Park is an ideal place to watch the sunset as it reflects beautifully off the water. The trail is only a few kilometers long, and you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

4. MacCormacks Beach Provincial Park

25 min drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

MacCormacks Beach is a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

Enjoy walking along the boardwalk, dipping your toes in the ocean and when the tide is out you can venture further out onto the wet sand and watch the sun setting over the water as you look back towards Halifax.

5. Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park

40 min drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

This beautiful beach has THREE white-sand beaches and a nearby trail called Pennant Trail.

Give yourself some extra time to explore the trail and the wildlife. This is a popular place during the summer months for beachgoers, but it quiets down in the evening. This is a true gem and worth the drive.

6. Lower Prospect

40 min drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

Sunset paddle anyone? Head down to East Coast Outfitters in Lower Prospect and head out on a guided, or solo kayak trip in and around the magnificent coastline. They even run a Full Moon Paddle (weather dependant), so after you take in the sunset you can enjoy an enchanting moonrise over the ocean.


7. High Head Trail

40 min drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

Known by locals at Wagner’s Cove, this is a great short hike along the coastline and you can sit on rock cliffs and watch the sun go down in front of you.

Make sure to dress warm, as the wind blowing off the ocean can be cold, even on the warmest of evenings.


8. McNabs Island

25 min drive from downtown Halifax to McNabs Island Ferry + ferry ride to the Island | GETTING TO MCNABS ISLAND

For the truly adventurous, McNabs Island is one of the best places to watch the sunset in the city.

The best part? This is another opportunity to kayak! Check out Kattuk Expeditions for sea kayak tours and rentals (plus PLENTY more outdoor adventure), providing convenient access to McNabs for sunset.

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9. Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park

40 min drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

This is my favourite spot to sit, relax and watch the sun go sink over the ocean. The salty air, the wind and the sound of the waves crashing along the shoreline just leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Take your shoes off and dip your toes in the ocean. If the waves are good, you might even see some surfers enjoying a sunset surf!

Dress warmly – even on the nicest of days, as the wind coming off of the ocean is refreshing, but cool.

10. Peggy’s Cove

50 min drive from downtown Halifax | DIRECTIONS

Chances are, Peggy’s Cove is already on your list of places to visit while in Halifax – and for good reason! If the weather is right, there really aren’t many places in the world that offer the iconic beauty of a Peggy’s Cove sunset.

Funny thing is, most of the crowds are long gone once the sun starts to go down. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds altogether check out Polly’s Cove, which is only 3km down the road from Peggy. It’s just as beautiful and rarely visited, making it a great alternative to the classic Peggy's Cove views.