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Common Questions About Halifax Beaches

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The Halifax Region is home to more than 25 beaches, so depending on what you want out of a beach could determine which oceanfront beach is best suited for you.

Q. What are the best months to swim in the ocean in Halifax?
A. July, August and September.

Q. Where can I go clam digging in Halifax?
A. Memory Lane Heritage Village has a great clam digging experience!

Q. Can I find sand dollars in Halifax?
A. People have been known to find sand dollars at Carter's Beach

Q. Can you get to the beach via public transit?
A. There are currently no beaches on a public transportation route. 

Q. Where is the best beach to watch the sun set in Halifax?
A. Conrad's Beach in Lawrencetown and MacCormacks Beach in Eastern Passage are two great options.  

Q. Which beach in Halifax has the warmest water?
A. Queensland Beach has the warmest water out of all the beaches in the Halifax region, typically by a few degrees 

Q. Where is the best beach to watch the sunrise in Halifax?
A. Crystal Crescent Beach in Sambro Creek, or Martinique Beach in East Petpeswick are great options for sunrise viewing.

Q. Which beaches are good for kids?
A. We have a blog on beaches that are family friendly! Click here.

Q. Which beach should I go to in Halifax?
A. There are 25 beaches in Halifax, but we have nailed down a list of the top ones. Click here.

Q. How beach ocean beaches does Halifax have? 
A. 25

Q. What beaches are closest to Downtown Halifax
A. MacCormacks Beach Provincial Park is only 25-minutes from Downtown Halifax (good for walking)
A. Rainbow Haven Beach is only a 35-minute drive from Downtown Halifax (good for swimming/lounging)