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Halifax Waterfront

Queen's Marque: Halifax's New Waterfront Cultural District Inspired by the Place Itself


The new Queen’s Marque district, located in the historic and cultural heart of downtown Halifax boasts some of the most modern and luxurious amenities found anywhere in the region. Located at the edge of the Halifax Harbour and bound by Prince, Lower Water and George streets, the Queen’s Marque district encompasses a rich art scene and dining options inspired by Maritime terroir, boutique shopping with a distinctly local focus, and luxurious accommodations.

The Queen's Marque district is inspired by Halifax's storied history and is shaped by the ocean itself, creating a distinctly Atlantic Canadian experience. Known historically as Queen’s Landing, the waterfront location has deep military, marine and mercantile roots and has been at the centre of the city since its founding in 1749.

The Queen’s Marque district pays tribute to that history through unique architectural pieces and the use of materials like locally quarried sandstone and natural timber wharves.

Plus, the whole area is powered by the sea; developers are naturally reducing their carbon footprint by leveraging Halifax’s deep harbour. The restaurants showcase cuisine as diverse as the people that live here, the shops range from artisan wares to high-end fashion, and the Muir Hotel and its amenities are the height of luxury.

But it’s the art that forms the cornerstone of the district. As you wander through the 100,000 square feet of accessible public space, you’ll experience a wide range of sculptural, photographic, and mixed-media tributes to the region.

The new district is significantly larger than the historic Queen’s Landing area – nearly twice as large – which means that much more room to explore, eat, shop, stay, or simply soak in the feeling of a waterfront district born of its environment.