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Discover Haunted Halifax

Halifax is a pretty old city—it was founded all the way back in 1749! And because of our long history, there are plenty of ghost stories floating around. (Pun intended.) Whether it’s mysterious shipwrecks, pirates who were captured here, those lost in the Halifax Explosion, or our many historic military forts and towers, Halifax has its fair share of haunted places to explore… if you dare!

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

The oldest building in all of Halifax, St. Paul’s Anglican Church is located right in our downtown square called Grand Parade. It was completed in 1750, just one year after the city was founded. To this day, the mysterious shape of a man’s head can be seen in one of the windows! According
to legend, on the morning of the Halifax Explosion, the shadow of a church deacon’s profile was permanently etched into the glass from the intense heat and light. They say no matter how many times the glass is cleaned— the shadow remains. To see for yourself, stand on Argyle Street and look at the second-floor church windows.

The Five Fishermen

Right across the street from Grand Parade, a popular seafood restaurant called the Five Fisherman is one of the most storied haunted buildings
in Halifax! Originally built as a schoolhouse in 1817, the building ended up being a funeral home for a while and held victims of the Halifax Explosion and the sinking of the Titanic. Those who have worked in the restaurant over the years say they hear unexplained noises, see floating dinner plates, moving shadows, and more spooky stuff!

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

The Halifax Citadel, sitting atop the big hill in the middle of our city, is a former British military fort circa 1856, complete with dungeons and cannons! So of course, there are many spooky stories to be told there. The fort used to help guard the harbour from enemy ships, and some real prisoners were held there. Over the years, there have been many ghost sightings at the Halifax Citadel! One of the most famous stories is about the Grey Lady, a spirit who’s been seen wandering the historic site, mourning a lost love, smelling of roses, and wearing a 19-century dress.

Ghost Tours

So, you’re looking to see some ghosts? (Maybe?) Lucky for you, there are a few options for guided walking tours of the spookiest stuff in Halifax! Here are a few ideas:

Halifax Ghost Walk
This guided tour starts at the Old Town Clock, at the base of Citadel Hill, at 8:30 PM and takes you through Downtown Halifax, learning tales of ghosts, spirits, and more along the way. These tours take about 1 hour and 45 minutes and end at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, on the
waterfront. Book ahead! Tours typically run from May to October.

Halifax Citadel Ghost Tour
Not for the faint of heart, the Ghost Tour at the Halifax Citadel is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! The guide wears a costume from the
1800s and leads you through the fort by candlelight! Yes, it’s as spooky as it sounds. This 70-minute tour takes visitors through historic tunnels and prison cells, plus you’ll hear real tales and unexplained mysteries about the fort. Tours start at 8:30 PM and run from July to October. Purchase your tickets online in advance!

Note: These tours are best for older kids.