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Halifax’s Top 6 Escape Rooms


This cold winter weather forces us inside, making it increasingly important to find fun and active indoor activities to keep away the seasonal doldrums. Escape rooms are a great way to stay warm, and keep your brain sharp - plus they're a great team-building activity!

Come together with your friends, family or co-workers and try out one of Halifax’s Top 6 Escape Rooms today:

1 - Captured Escape Rooms

400-1684 Barrington Street, Halifax Captured is Halifax’s largest escape room location, with 7 games to choose from, including several with a focus on historic Halifax. All rooms are suitable for ages 13 and up and you can also rent their space for private parties and events. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Halifax, Captured Escape Rooms is easily accessible by multiple bus routes and situated perfectly as a pre-or-post dinner stopover. Pricing: $28/person (tax included) $25/student (tax included) Rooms: 7 Players: 2-14 [btn]Book Now[/btn] Try this Handpicked Halifax Experience, offered by Captured Escape Rooms & The Discovery Centre: Escape the Lab: Fully Charged! at the Discovery Centre

2 - Tic Tac Go

31 Queen Street, Dartmouth Tic Tac Go is the city's newest escape room, and is open to participants of all ages. The games will test your problem-solving and teamwork skills, using the clues to solve puzzles. The rooms are designed to immerse players into a new reality as they spend the next 60 minutes as a notorious bank robber or a magical wizard, working together in groups of 2-6 to escape before the time is up! Pricing: $28/adults (age 14+), $14/children (age 7-13) Rooms: 2 Players: 2-6 [btn]Book Now[/btn]

3 - Trapped Halifax

1313 Barrington Street, Halifax Located just down the street from Captured, Trapped Halifax offers 5 room themes with a distinct cinematic focus (for example, the rooms are rated 14A and PG, depending on the ages accepted). The rooms also transport you to exotic locations and scenarios direct from the big screen - the Great Pyramids of Giza, a 14th century prison, and a contaminated remote island hospital. Memberships are offered - try out level two or three to unlock special themes and events not open to the general public. Pricing: $28/per person ($25/per person if you book online prior to your game) Rooms: 5 Players: 2-10 [btn]Book Now[/btn]

4 - The Great Escape

5693 North Street, Halifax Volume 1 of this story found participants trapped in the laboratory of the late Clayton Claymore, an amateur scientist who created the chemical catalyst responsible for the 1917 Halifax Explosion! His grandson, and now owner of the home and lab, was determined to recreate the catalyst. Thankfully, his plan was thwarted, and Volume 1 is complete. Pricing: $25/per person Rooms: 1 Players: 6-10 [btn]Book Now[/btn]

5 - Mind Hack Room Escape

1410 Hammonds Plains Road, Hammonds Plains 110 Woodlawn Road, Suite L100, Dartmouth Experience this live action adventure game, solving a series of puzzles to escape the room within 60 minutes. Each group of challengers must work together to solve the rooms’ puzzles and riddles using logic, critical thinking, and teamwork. Pricing: $25/per person Rooms: Dartmouth location: 2 / Hammonds Plains location: 3 Players: 4-10 [btn]Book Now[/btn]

6 - Escape Artists

475 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville Put on your detective badge, and help authorities put away criminals at this escape room location. Work with your team to compile evidence against the murderous owner of Northcutt Family Funeral Home, or the notorious Mancini Crime family. A lot of effort was put into developing the backstories for these rooms, and with escape rates of 11% and 15% respectively, your team will have to put in a lot of effort to crack the code! But removing dangerous people from our city streets is a worthwhile reward. Pricing: $21.75 plus tax/per person Rooms: 3 Players: 4-8 Book Now