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Rub Salt in Your Wounds


Sit back, take a deep breath, and allow the elements in Halifax to soften you.

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Rub salt in your wounds

There’s a healing element in salt. In sweat, in tears, in the ocean. In Halifax, being surrounded by salty water and fog is just enough grit to help polish away the pressure of to-do lists. To just make time for things that feel good. To let the salt cure whatever ails you.

Halifax could be the break that finally leaves you feeling like you took one. As long as you’re willing to rub salt in your wounds.

Wear yourself down

To smooth a coast of jagged boulders all you need is centuries of salty waves and howling winds.

See, the elements in Halifax can soften you. Make you a little less rough around the edges. It’s probably why people here seem more easy-going. Relaxed from being shaped by the meeting of land and sea.

You can come let it erode you to your softer self too. And remember why sometimes it’s good to feel a bit worn down.

Cloud your judgement

Life by the ocean means embracing the fog as it rolls in. When the whole city goes fuzzy, and nothing is sharp or precisely defined. While you’re here, you too might fall in love with misty Halifax mornings.

Fog can muffle the noise of your expectations. Help you focus on the moment right in front of you. It can give you a whole new perspective. If you’re willing to let it cloud your judgement.