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Downtown Halifax


Downtown Halifax is the urban core of the region. Historic Palladian facades stand proudly alongside modern glass highrises, expressing the unique mix of history and growth found in this harbour city.

The area hums with energy, drawing visitors and locals with live music, local shops, world-class attractions, and an incredible culinary scene. Downtown Halifax is also the site of the extraordinary Halifax waterfront which offers everything from beer gardens and playgrounds, to farmers’ markets and museums.

Walk a few blocks up the hill from the waterfront to the Entertainment District on Argyle Street, lined with local pubs, patios, and cafés, it’s open to pedestrians only, throughout the summer. Think George Street meets Bourbon Street, but with a laid-back vibe you’ll only feel on a warm summer evening on an Argyle Street patio.

Colourful, gritty, and undeniably cool, downtown Halifax is the vibrant beating heart of the city.

Things to do in this region: