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10 Experiences Everyone Should Have in North End Halifax

Halifax's North End has long been known for its award-winning restaurants, local shopping, and thriving arts scene, but the real magic of the area comes from a community in constant evolution, where there's always something new to experience.

This is why, with the help of our friends at the North End Business Association, we've pulled together a list of 10 must-do experiences in North End Halifax. The list doesn't stop here though - there are so many incredible things to do in the North End, the best way to find more is to get out there and explore!

What's your North End Never Have I Ever?

Plan your North End adventure using the 2021 Halifax Urban Walking Map

1. Cool off with handcrafted ice cream from DeeDee’s

DeeDee's Ice Cream - 5668 Cornwallis St, Halifax

2. Take a break from reality at Nearby Planet VR

Nearby Planet VR - 2093 Gottingen St, Halifax


3. Collect goodies from Ratinaud and Local Source Market to make a local charcuterie board and have a picnic in the Commons or Hydrostone Park

Ratinaud - 2157 Gottingen St, Halifax
Local Source Market - 2530 Agricola St, Halifax

4. Do the Gottingen Street doughnut crawl: LF Bakery, Vandal Doughnuts, Fortune Doughnut

LF Bakery - 2063 Gottingen St, Halifax
Vandal Doughnuts - 2150 Gottingen St, Halifax
Fortune Doughnut - 2306 Gottingen St, Halifax

5. Try a vegan donair made by Top Chef Canada competitor, Lauren Marshall at Real Fake Meats

Real Fake Meats - 2278 Gottingen St, Halifax

@realfakemeats via @ian.selig

6. Have a brew at the oldest tavern in Halifax, The Seahorse Tavern

The Seahorse Tavern - 2037 Gottingen St, Halifax

Jackson Productions Inc.

7. Enjoy an afternoon of climbing and coffee at Seven Bays Bouldering

Seven Bays Bouldering - 2019 Gottingen St, Halifax

@sevenbays via North End Business Association

8. Play some old school arcade games AND enjoy delicious locally-brewed craft beer at the Propeller Arcade

Propeller Tap Room + Cold Beer Store - 2015 Gottingen St, Halifax
In the basement of the Propeller Tap Room + Cold Beer Store (enter through the Propeller Store)


9. Take yourself on a North End craft beverage tour

Propeller Brewing Co.
2015 Gottingen St, Halifax

Sourwood Cider
5576 Cornwallis St, Halifax

Compass Distillers
2533 Agricola St, Halifax

Chain Yard Urban Cidery
2606 Agricola St, Halifax

Good Robot Brewing Co.
2736 Robie St, Halifax

10. Explore North End landmarks and attractions

Africville Museum
5795 Africville Rd, Halifax

Fort Needham Memorial Park
5515 Stairs Pl, Halifax

Hydrostone Market & Park
Young St, Halifax