Peggy’s Cove Coastal Region

The Peggy's Cove Area Region is a large area surrounded by rugged ocean coastline and filled with bays, harbours and of course, the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.

Home to Canada’s most iconic lighthouse.

The Peggy’s Cove Coastal Region is where you go to relax in nature, with its scenic drives, famous lighthouses, coastal beaches and delicious seafood. All of this on top of with picturesque hikes, historic sites and unique attractions. This is where you go to experience the spirit of the Maritimes.

Most prominently, this region is known for its namesake: the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. One of the most photographed lighthouses in Canada, even the world, Peggy’s Cove is an iconic Canadian image and one of Halifax’s most popular tourist attractions.

Scroll down to find a full list of hikes, restaurants, beaches, attractions and more.

For more information about Peggy’s Cove Coastal Region, contact Peggy’s Cove Coastal Region Visitor Information.
For more information about the St. Margaret’s Bay Area and its businesses, contact St. Margaret’s Bay Chamber of Commerce.
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