Bedford-Sackville Region

The Bedford-Sackville Region is made up of 2 suburban communities roughly 20 minutes outside of downtown Halifax.

Bedford, which partially sits on the Bedford Basin offers brilliant views of the Halifax Harbour from lively DeWolf Park. Known for it’s two popular and family focused malls (Sunnyside Mall and Bedford Place Mall), the charming Bedford Farmers’ Market and Garden Centre, historic Hemlock Ravine Park, magical Pockwock Falls and the famous Chicken Burger… it’s where families are welcomed and charm is plentiful.

Sackville contains a growing strip-style commercial development with retail chains, fast food restaurants and services. Aside from this strip, Sackville and it’s surrounding communities such as Beaver Bank and Kinsack have some fantastic outdoor and sporting areas worth exploring!

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For more information about Bedford and it’s businesses, contact the Bedford Business Association.
For more information about Sackville and it’s businesses, contact the Sackville Business Association

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