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Getting Here & Around

Whether you're travelling by land, sea or rail, we'll help you navigate our airport, public transit, bridges, and ferries like a local.

Getting Around

To get across the Halifax Harbour, you have two options: take the ferry or drive across one of two bridges. You can also opt to drive around, through Bedford if you have extra time, but crossing the harbour is the fastest route.

Getting Around


Fare: $2.75 one way. Ask for a free transfer for a return trip.

Experience 360-degree views of the Halifax Harbour on the harbour ferry. At just $2.75, the 15-minute journey between the Halifax waterfront and Dartmouth is the most affordable harbour cruise around. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss while in Halifax.

Halifax Transit offers two ferry services: the Alderney Ferry service crosses from downtown Halifax to Alderney Landing in downtown Dartmouth, and the Woodside Ferry service crosses from Halifax to Woodside. Ferry service is accessible and integrated with the bus service, which means that you can use a transfer to board both ferries and buses. Transfers are valid for up to 90 minutes. Kids 12 and under ride free on all Halifax Transit services, including the ferry.

NOTE: The ferry terminal only takes exact change or Halifax Transit bus tickets. Learn more about the ferry service at

Getting Around


Toll: $1.25 one way

There are two toll bridges across the Halifax Harbour: the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge (closer to downtown Halifax) and the A. Murray MacKay Bridge (closer to the Bedford Basin). There are toll plazas on the Dartmouth side of each bridge and users pay for the bridge going in both directions. The bridge toll is based on the number of axles on your vehicle. Most passenger vehicles and light trucks pay $1 if
using a MACPASS, and $1.25 if paying with cash.

NOTE: The cash lanes accept the following coins only: quarters, $1 coins, and $2 coins. The baskets will not accept dimes, nickels, or pennies, and there is no credit card or Interac tap at the toll booths.

There are dedicated sidewalk and bicycle lanes on the Macdonald Bridge. Both lanes are open 24 hours, 7 days per week, and there is no toll to use them. Learn more about the Halifax Harbour Bridges at