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Catherine Porter
Sales Director, Ottawa & Eastern Canada
Phone: +1 902-422-2161
Email: cporter@discoverhalifaxns.com

Jeff Turner
Sales Director, International & SMERF
Phone: +1 902-423-1752
Email: jturner@discoverhalifaxns.com

Janice Ruddock
Sales Director – Toronto & Western Canada
Phone: +1 226-791-4792
Email: jruddock@discoverhalifaxns.com

Michele Bourgeois
Travel Trade and Meeting Services Specialist
Phone: +1 902-422-7637
Email: mbourgeois@discoverhalifaxns.com

Michelle Brenton
Vice President, Sales
Phone: + 1 902-423-7951
Email: mbrenton@discoverhalifaxns.com