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Hidden Waterfalls of Halifax

12 Hours
7 Stops
About This Experience

Get out and adventure across the region, chasing the hidden waterfalls of Halifax!

The Plan 

  • Lunch in Sheet Harbour, overlooking the West River Falls
  • Seek out Phantom Falls near Upper Musquodoboit, then refuel with a snack at Reid's Restaurant & Bakery
  • If there's still daylight remaining, finish the day at Pockwock Falls
  • If you're ready to call it a day and head out for dinner, don't rush yourself - make it a multi-day adventure and stay the night at a nearby hotel so you're ready to go first thing in the morning
  • Head out to the falls first thing in the morning after coffee and breakfast at the Bedford Basin Farmers' Market

Head East

For the most scenic drive, leaving Dartmouth take the coastal route 207 until it joins the 107/7.

Explore Sheet Harbour, where you can get up-close and personal with the roaring West River, only steps away from the main street. Boardwalks and bridges make these roaring falls easily accessible.

Grab lunch at The Henley House Pub & Restaurant overlooking the West River Falls. Reserve a table, or bring a blanket and set up a picnic so you can kick back and enjoy the views of the Falls.

Find the Phantom

Phantom Falls is one of Halifax’s biggest waterfalls; it’s a moderate-difficulty hike, about an hour out and back, but well worth the effort. Look for a sign reading “Phantom Falls” marking the start of the trail.

Stop & Refuel: After you find your waterfall, stop in at Reid's Restaurant & Bakery to refuel with some tasty baked goods!

Pockwock This Way

Pockwock Falls is a gem of a waterfall, only 40 minutes from downtown Halifax. Depending on the time, you may want to have dinner in Halifax and head to the falls after - just make sure you leave plenty of daylight for the hike out and back.

→ Turn it into a multi-day getaway

If it gets too dark before you make it to Pockwock, make it a multi-day adventure with an overnight stay at Comfort Inn Halifax on the Bedford Highway, just a 20 minute drive from the Pockwock Falls Trail Head

You can head out to the falls first thing in the morning, and even stop at the Bedford Basin Farmers’ Market for breakfast before you go!

Bonus: Spend a day paddling on the Eastern Shore at Coastal Adventures Kayaking & Paddler's Retreat B&B in Tangier, the gateway to the 100 Wild Islands. Rental kayaks, and tours ranging from brief excursions to multi-day expeditions are available.


  • Have your route to the waterfalls planned out - some are in remote locations and can be hard to find.
  • Conditions and water levels vary - sturdy footwear is always recommended for hiking.
  • Stay safe - keep your distance from the water - slippery rocks and loose banks can be dangerous.
  • Consider an app like AllTrails to help find your way and plan your route before you leave home.

    What to bring
  • Cell phone
  • Map
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Layered clothing
  • Water
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