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4 Bars to Hit on Your Next Halifax Pub Crawl

We all know there's something special about Halifax. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is - maybe the rich local history, or perhaps the warm, welcoming nature of the community. Whatever it is that makes this place so exceptional, director and producer Jon Mann knew that he needed to capture and document it. Cue, season one of Pub Crawl.

Pub Crawl, set in Halifax, Nova Scotia showcases the city's unique pub scene and the history woven inside the walls of the city's best bars. Hosted and co-produced by well-known actor Rob Ramsay (Blue Mountain State, It: Chapter 2), and directed and co-produced by award-winning screenwriter Mann, Pub Crawl immerses viewers in the warmth and quirky nature of the city.

With that, here are 4 bars featured in Pub Crawl season one that will inspire you to start planning your next Halifax pub crawl!

1. The Split Crow Pub

1855 Granville St, Halifax

On July 17th, 1749, a license to sell beer and liquor was granted to Mr. John Shippey. This was the first liquor license to be issued in New Scotland (now Nova Scotia). The Split Crow quickly became a second home for sailors, mariners, and travelers.

Today The Split Crow is a popular spot to start a pub crawl, with the famous ‘power hour’ bringing locals and visitors together.


2. The Press Gang Restaurant & Oyster Bar

5218 Prince St, Halifax

The Press Gang resides in one of the city's oldest historic stone structures, dating all the way back to 1759. Heavily influenced by the history of seafaring in the city, a press gang was a group employed by a commanding officer to impress or coerce men into service for the navy or army.

Inside this establishment, visitors are immersed in local history. It feels as though the stone walls have captured and held onto the stories of the countless patrons who have frequented this place throughout the years.


3. Halifax Alehouse

1717 Brunswick St, Halifax

Built in 1893, the Halifax Alehouse goes to great lengths to honour the past. The waitstaff dress in distinctive period uniforms and the dim lighting creates a comforting and nostalgic feeling.

In Pub Crawl's Season 1, Episode 4, Rob is given a tour of the building on Brunswick Street that we know today for its selection of beers on tap and tasty pub food. There he finds out - in an ironic twist - that 1717 Brunswick Street was once home to a Salvation Army that helped members of the military get sober.


4. The Lower Deck

DOWNTOWN HALIFAX: 1887 Upper Water St, Halifax
CLAYTON PARK LOCATION: 278 Lacewood Dr, Halifax

GREAT FOR: Live Music,

It was 1974 when The Lower Deck opened its doors. Located right on the Downtown boardwalk, it was a must-have for the Pub Crawl series.

In the Season 1 finale, Rob walks through Historic Properties and learns of the infamous life of Enos Collins; Canada’s - and possibly the world’s - richest person at the time of his death.


Pub Crawl is available on the Bell Fibe TV Channel and the Fibe TV app. Season 2 of Pub Crawl premiers Spring 2022.