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There’s still time to tick some items off your summer bucket list.

Just because the air starts to cool doesn’t mean our enthusiasm does. There’s always something fun happening in Halifax, and endless reasons to visit. Whether you’re into galleries and museums, local events, waterfront walks, or shopping and dining, Halifax has it going on.

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Signature Halifax attractions

Ta’n me’j Tel-keknuo’ltiek: How Unique We Still Are

Experience unique Mi’kmaw culture through objects, artifacts, images, and artwork at The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Ta’n me’j Tel-keknuo’ltiek exhibit at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

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Fortress Halifax - A City Shaped by Conflict

Experience the riveting social and military story of Halifax.

Immerse yourself Fortress Halifax, the largest and newest exhibit at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

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Age of the Mastodon

Over 80,000 years ago, the landscape of Nova Scotia shook from the heavy footsteps of giants. Mastodons were one of the largest of ice age mammals and for many years, Nova Scotia was ideal mastodon habitat.

Age of the Mastodon is on now at the Museum of Natural History

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Tour the tunnels of Georges Island

Discover the underground complex beneath Fort Charlotte on Georges Island. This maze of cold brick tunnels once housed the ammunition for the fort’s powerful guns in bomb-proof security.

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Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

The art of enjoying an inspiring afternoon.

Take your time enjoying the creativity of artists local, national, and from afar. Folk art, fine art, sculpture, and contemporary perspectives enjoy it all at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

The best defence against an ordinary day.

Step into this hilltop star-shaped fort, first built in 1749, and experience what life was like for soldiers and their families. With a stunning view, Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is another amazing reason to visit Halifax this fall.

Georges Island National Historic Site

photo: M. Bayer / Parks Canada

Surround yourself with water and history.

It was a prison, an internment camp, and a key part of the Halifax Defence Complex. Today, Georges Island National Historic Site is a unique way to spend a day on the Halifax Harbour.

Small Craft Gallery at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Enjoy a seafaring adventure on dry land.

From the Titanic to the Halifax Explosion, craft boatbuilding to world war convoys, a visit to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is a family adventure through time and across seas.

Museum of Natural History

Dive headfirst into the ice age.

Come face to face with a giant mastodon and live to tell the tale! With tons of live creatures, a Sable Island exhibit, and a mission to an underwater gully, the Museum of Natural History is one more great reason to visit Halifax this fall.

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