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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Halifax’s Canada Day Concert Headliner Allan Rayman

If you don’t know much about this year’s Canada Day concert headliner, you’re not alone! Toronto-native Allan Rayman is known as much for his killer music as he is for his secretive nature, and he’s earned himself a name as the “Most Mysterious Man in Music.”

We did a little digging and scouted out the following 9 facts about this elusive musical powerhouse:

1 – He (unsurprisingly) lives off-the-map

Rayman is a Toronto native, but he currently (at least allegedly) resides in an isolated cabin in the woods in Lost Springs, Wyoming.

2 – He’s a Juno winner

This may be one of the few things you’ve actually heard about him. Rayman won a Juno for Breathrough Artist of the Year in 2018.

3 – His music is a genre all its own

Critics and fans have a hard time labeling his music, comparing it to everything from R&B to soul to country.

As Ben Lovett, who signed Rayman to Communion Records, puts it: “[His music is] a hybrid of lots of influences. It makes as much sense [to play his music] in the club of a big city as it does in the truck on a highway between two small towns in the middle of nowhere.”

4 – He’s not into small talk onstage

If you’re hoping to glean more of his personality during his on-stage performance, don’t hold your breath. Rayman is said to keep his concerts strictly about the songs; apparently, his only engagement with the crown is a “thank you” at the end of the show.

5 – He wasn’t always in music

While he’s loved music most of his life, he only recently started seeing it as a serious gig. Before signing on with a record label, Rayman worked in construction and said he’d assumed that was his long-term plan.

6 – He’s not in it for the fame

In his own words, he’s really just here to make music: “I’m not trying to sound ungrateful by any means, but I really don’t care. If you listen to it, that’s amazing but I’m just keeping my head down and doing what I was doing.”

7 – He has an alter ego

Rayman says he created his alter ego, Mr. Roadside, as a sort of outlet for his more selfish behaviours, where he can fully give in to his darker side. Offstage, however, he strives for more of a balance between his music and maintaining relationships with the people close to him.

8 – He thinks of himself as a regular guy

One of the reasons he chooses to stay out of the spotlight is because he says he’s just an average guy who happens to make music, and he wants to avoid the “dark undertone” that the celebrity life can bring. He says he covers this in his song Shelby Moves.

9 – He takes inspiration from movies

Rayman is a self-confessed “film addict” and says this is where he draws a lot of his creative ideas. He also creates his own music videos/short films to go along with his songs.

While he may be somewhat of a mystery, there’s one thing that’s very clear: Allan Rayman is going to put on a show that you won’t want to miss!

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