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Industry Sectors

Nova Scotia, Canada is a hotbed of business brilliance in key sectors that are driving the world’s economy.



  • Halifax has the highest concentration of oceans-related PhDs in the world
  • Halifax is home to world-renowned ocean-related research institutions including Canada’s largest – The Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) – the country’s first major centre devoted to oceanography which brings together some over 600 scientists, engineers, technicians, contractors and staff working in a range of disciplines
  • The Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE) will deliver advanced research that will inform public policy, build synergies with industry partners, and draw world attention to this sector.
  • Dalhousie University is home to more than 100 researchers focusing on oceans and ocean technology.
  • The NRC-Institute for Marine Biosciences is home to the Industry Partnership Facility based in Halifax, Nova Scotia exploring the commercial potential of technologies in marine biosciences and life sciences.
  • Check out Port of Halifax’s Economic Impact Infographic

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Life Sciences

  • Highest number of Neuroscientists per capita in Canada.
  • Home to the Brain Repair Centre, internationally renowned for Parkinson’s treatment
  • Life Science Research Institute (LSRI), a research and business incubator
  • Over 70 companies – from medical devices to biopharmaceuticals


Aerospace & Defense

  • More than 30% of Canada’s top defense companies are in Nova Scotia contributing more than $600 million in annual revenues and more than 6,000 jobs
  • DND contributes $1 billion in annual revenues and more than 10,000 jobs.
  • Halifax is home to:
    • Canada’s largest shipyard (Irving Shipyard)
    • One of Canada’s largest privately held military defense contractor (IMP Aerospace & Defense)

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Finance & Insurance

  • Halifax has one of the highest concentrations of insurance industry firms and employment among urban centres across Canada
  • Halifax is home to some of the largest companies in the world: Citco Fund Services, Butterfield Fulcrum (Bermuda), Marsh (New York), Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), Admiral Insurance (UK), Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings Limited (Bermuda)

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  • Halifax is home to 7 degree granting universities and 3 community college campuses, serving over 40,000 students annually
  • Nova Scotia has one of the most educated workforces in the country, with over 62% of the population having some post-secondary education
  • Nova Scotia has a total of 10 universities and 13 community colleges

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Nova Scotia – A Hotbed of Business Brilliance.

A successful business events industry attracts investment, and investment attracts more business events. Learn why the Nova Centre is a ‘smart’ investment for a ‘smart city’ that is investing in attracting corporate ‘players’ in key sectors such as biomagnetic research, security, offshore gas, oceanography, and shipbuilding (to name just a few).

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