Local Support Programs

Let’s work together to support local businesses.

Introducing Dine & Stay Home and Shop & Stay Home.

Program objectives

Many local organizations are collecting and sharing information about which local businesses have adapted their services to offer pick up/takeout and delivery options.

We hope that by using common branding and a coordinated social media push, we can use our collective voices to better support independent local businesses in the Halifax Region and beyond. Can we turn this into a local movement? 

We want restaurants, breweries, markets, shops and consumers to get involved with this program, which is why we’ve created graphics that can be downloaded and shared on websites and social media channels.

Dine & Stay Home and Shop & Stay Home are social media initiatives meant to help all partners generate more momentum and awareness for independent local retailers and food and beverage businesse who are offering pick-up and/or delivery services. 

It is not a marketing campaign, it is a support local campaign that provides all our organizations with united social media graphics to use, share, and own together – combining our efforts to create a larger online awareness among consumers!

See also: Dine & Stay Home Press Release

How you can participate

Share a Dine & Stay Home or Shop & Stay Home graphic on your social media channels:


– Use #dineandstayhome & #supportlocaleats, and encourage your audience to use the hashtags too!

– Tag @dinearoundhfx and @discoverhalifax in your posts so we can easily share your content.

– Include a link to your online delivery & takeout information in your post.


– Use #shopandstayhome & #supportlocal, and encourage your audience to use the hashtags too!

– Tag @discoverhalifax in your posts so we can easily share your content.

– Include a link to your online shopping platform, or instructions for how to shop your products online in your post.

Download Shareable Graphics

For Partners
Images you, other BIDs, and local organizations can use on owned social channels to promote your individual lists and relevant members.

For Restaurants
Images you can share with restaurants who wish to identify themselves as open for pick-up and/or delivery on their website/social media channels.

For Consumers
Images you can share with consumers to download and use on their own social channels to show their own support for the local food & beverage industry.

Shop & Stay Home
Images retailers can share and use on their websites and social channels to promote the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change what I’m currently doing? 

No – this program is not about stopping anything our individual organizations are currently doing. It’s simply about amplifying it.
Please continue to curate and promote your own lists and local businesses, we just ask that when it comes to promoting restaurants you use the hashtag and consider using the graphics.

What if one of my members changes their offering?  

That is totally okay – do not worry about notifying us. We will be driving traffic to participating business’ lists for the most up-to-date content. We understand that things are changing very quickly and do not expect your organizations to keep Discover Halifax up to date. 

Many people in my area are laid-off and may not be in a financial position to afford to support local restaurants. How can we ensure that they feel included in the effort to support local?

We recommend ensuring your content includes messaging specifying: “If you are able and comfortable doing so, please support your favourite local eateries, while practicing social distancing.”

You can also highlight non-financial ways people can support local businesses, including:
» Following and liking the restaurant/business on social media.
» Sharing the business’ social media content with others.
» Leaving a positive review online to support the business when things are up and running again.
See 6 Ways You Can Help Support Local Eats for more.

What other information or posts should I share about this program? 

See the program’s press release for more information.

Here are a few other ideas for social media posts:
» Post about how consumers can share their takeout experience from home using the Consumer Assets above.
» Post about individual restaurants in your area, what their offer is and how people can order.
» Post about other BIDS and the resources that can be found in other areas!

➔ Be sure to tag @dinearoundhfx and use #dineandstayhome & #supportlocaleats so that we can find and share your content!

Is it appropriate to be running a marketing campaign right now? 

Dine & Stay Home is not a marketing campaign. This is about all of us working together to sincerely help the restaurant industry during this challenging time.

The goals are to:

» Help consumers access info about how to support food and beverage industry by making it easier to find information about what’s open.
» Provide restaurants with the ability to easily self-identify as a business that consumers can still purchase from using a visual cue.
» Encourage and promote local support of the industry through social conversation and sharing.