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Lesser Covered Stories About Halifax


For travel writers looking for untold or lesser covered story ideas, we have compiled a list. These are topics that we think either deserve more attention or are new to Halifax.

100 Wild Islands

  • While this product isn’t completely ready for purchase and experience yet, it will soon become one of Halifax’s most treasured and experienced activities.
  • This is one of the last remaining intact and ecologically rich island groups of its size in North America.

Argyle and Grafton Street Makeover

This fall, the future of Argyle Street (a popular bar and restaurant haven) will be transformed, with a permanent argyle pattern street design, mixed used space and sidewalk enhancements.

Halifax as a Fall Destination

Travellers seem to think the summer it’s the best time of year, but fall has nearly the same amount of events, it’s a crisp and cooler, colourful leaves, and warm atmosphere

Halifax Haunted History

A growing number of ghost and thrill seekers are coming to Halifax to experience our ghost stories. Many of these ghost stories take place at restaurants and buildings which are still active and can be visited at today. Making this an accessible story.

Winter Surfing in Halifax

It’s not surprising now that Halifax (Lawrencetown Beach) is known in Canada for great surfing, but winter surfing has been covered less. Many locals thrive on winter surfing.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering

  • A growing number of enthusiasts have begun to look at Halifax is a great rock climbing and bouldering area. This topic hasn’t received a great amount of attention, and is just starting to surface
  • Recommended places include: Polly’s Cove, Prospect, Crystal Crescent Beach, Terrance Bay Bouldering

Fishing in Halifax

There are 198 lakes in the Halifax region, making fishing an extremely accessible activity. This has yet to be truly leveraged.

Wildlife and birding in Halifax

The Halifax region is mainly comprised of preserved wilderness, which is an ideal and plentiful habitat for wildlife of all sorts.

The Musquodobit  Valley and Musquodobit Harbour  

These outdoor haven areas are fairly untouched; they offer some of the most stunning beaches and soft adventure from kayaking and canoeing to hiking and fishing.

Culinary Scene (local)

While culinary is of course a highly covered subject, the farm to table and buy-local angel hasn’t been as stressed – as many local restaurants in Halifax are proud and use this method.