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Picnic in a 19th century military fort

Downtown Halifax
1 hour
$10 CAD Per Person

About This Experience

Parks Canada and the Halifax Citadel Society want you to enjoy a picnic inside the Halifax Citadel!

Our twist on “take-out”: Everything tastes better when you eat it outside! So go ahead—let nature design your dining space and take your meal out.


Stay inside the historic British fort and take your seat on the Cavalier porch bench for a front row view of the 78th soldiers preforming their drill, or sit along the grassy ramparts behind the North Magazine, high above the city, and ponder what life was really like for the soldiers and their families garrisoned here in the 19th century.

Outside the fort’s stone walls, Citadel Hill provides amazing cityscape views as well as some shaded areas, perfect for a relaxing picnic in the center of a bustling city!


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Place your order at the Halifax Citadel Coffee Bar (view menu)
  2. Choose to take your lunch ‘out’
  3. Find your perfect picnic place at the Halifax Citadel and enjoy!

What to Bring

Bring your own picnic blanket or drop by the Regimental Gift Shop next door to the Coffee Bar and purchase one for your own use.

What is Provided

The Coffee Bar offers a fresh selection of sandwiches, soup, pastries and hot and cold beverages. (additional fee)

Things you should know

AccessibilitySite is wheelchair accessible.
Daily Availability:Sunday - Saturday
Meetup LocationHalifax Citadel Coffee Bar
Hours9 AM - 6 PM
WasteVisitors should be reminded to leave no trace and to please use waste receptacles where available.

No pre-ordering required. Supplies and selection may be limited later in the day.

$10 CAD Per Person
Downtown Halifax
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