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JoyLab at the Discovery Centre

Downtown Halifax
0.5 hours
$12 CAD Per Person
Temporary Featured Exhibit

About This Experience

Who Needs A Little Joy?

Discover how surroundings can spark joy in your life by exploring different curated experiences at our latest featured exhibit, JoyLab!

Experience the wonder of appearing sideways, hanging among the clouds, or walking through a kaleidoscopic light tunnel. These Instagram-ready experiences will leave you feeling more joyful and ready to create unforgettable memories.

Each JoyLab experience was designed using neurological concepts based on how the brain reacts to its surroundings, and how we can alter our surroundings to feel more joy.

This exhibit was inspired by the book Joyful by author Ingrid Fetell Lee, in which she describes the “10 Aesthetics of Joy”. These aesthetics are defined as: energy; abundance; freedom; harmony; play; surprise; transcendence; magic; celebration; and renewal.

Visit JoyLab at Discovery Centre to learn more about how neurological concepts can enhance what you see and learn through the power of joy!


Things you should know

AccessibilityThe Discovery Centre is fully wheelchair accessible
Daily Availability:Sunday, Thursday - Saturday
$12 CAD Per Person
Downtown Halifax
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