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February 4, 2014

Halifax’s Agricola Street

If you can name a more vibrant, eclectic street than Agricola Street, I’m dying to hear of it. Agricola Street is a hip street in North End Halifax filled with antique stores, chic restaurants, and brightly coloured row houses. The best part: the street is undergoing a renaissance, and there’s no shortage of places to check out.

Try these places next time you’re in the neighbourhood:

Finer Things Antiques and Curios (2797 Agricola Street)

There are so many beautiful antiques in Finer Things, you could spend an hour in each room and come away with a wish list a mile long. They’ve got the market cornered on Mid Century Modern glassware, let me tell you.

If you’re thinking of it, this antique store probably has it, and they’re always getting new stock in. You’re greeted at the door by Louie, the store dog who acts as mascot and greeter, making the experience that much more fun.

Bellissimo! (2743 Agricola Street)

Every time I go into Bellissimo, I imagine what it would be like to furnish my apartment with their wares. If you’re looking for a chic, Francophile, monochromatic look, then head there.

Fred (2606 Agricola Street)

Fred. is a staple on Agricola Street, having opened 10 years ago. The combination salon and restaurant is the first and only of its kind in the city, run by Fred Connors. I love walking by and checking out the chalkboard walls – there’s never a shortage of interesting things scrawled on the walls.

Gus’s Pub (2605 Agricola Street)

Gus’s Pub is a great place to go for live music and cheap drinks, and Ace Burger Co. is a great place for delicious burgers. Win win, right? Ace operates as a Brooklyn Warehouse extension and was one of the first gourmet burger places in Halifax. I recommend the Po’Boy Seasonal burger.

Bridge Brewing Company (2576 Agricola Street)

Bridge Brewing Company is a relatively new microbrewery crafting Belgian-inspired beers that are available in a bunch of Halifax restaurants (including Gus’s Pub on the corner of North and Agricola Streets.) I’m loving the craft beer trend that’s hit Halifax in the past few years, and am looking forward to sampling Bridge Brewing in the future.

Smith’s Bakery (2525 Agricola Street)

I cannot write enough about how delicious the pastries are at Smith’s Bakery. I’ve never tried something I didn’t love there: peanut butter cookies, fresh bread, sausage rolls… mmmm. Smith’s is Halifax’s oldest independent bakery, and has been in business since 1932. You can trust on the quality there.

Of course I’m not mentioning other great places along the street, like Obsolete Records, or Agricola Street Brasserie, a newly-opened restaurant that’s getting positive feedback from diners.

Where do you like to go on Agricola Street?