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5 Reasons to Attend the 5th Annual Halifax Oyster Festival

It’s one SHELL of a weekend, one we’ve all been waiting for; it’s the 5th annual Halifax Oyster Festival!

Celebrating the beginning of the Nova Scotia oyster harvest season, Halifax Oyster Festival is a 2-day, all-you-can-slurp raw bar event on the Halifax waterfront, happening October 4-5, 2019.

– Friday Oct 4 | 7PM – 10PM
– Saturday Oct 5 | 12PM – 3PM
– Saturday Oct 5 | 7PM – 10PM

Read on for 5 reasons to attend the 2019 Halifax Oyster Festival.

1 – Halifax Oyster Festival is Canada’s BIGGEST oyster celebration

There are plenty of oyster and shellfish festivals across the country, but this event hosts 2,500 attendees from Atlantic Canada and around the world, with 20 oyster farms represented.

That level of variety is very important, because it lets festival-goers discover the wide range of oyster flavours that can be found in Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick alone! With both basic and VIP-level weekend passes, as well as individual session tickets, this is a can’t-miss event!

Here’s a fact that may shuck the shell out of you: Did you know that the Atlantic Oyster can change their sex back and forth many times? They are born male and half of them turn into females after birth!

Photo: Ryan Williams

2 – There will be 60,000 oysters on site!

20 oyster farms will bring more than 60,000 oysters to the Halifax Waterfront. All of the oysters will be slurped down by attendees sampling to their hearts’ content, including the ones used in the Nova Scotia Shucking Championship!

Like wines, Oysters have a variety of flavour profiles. Oyster flavours can be categorized by the 5 distinct flavour characteristics: briny, buttery, sweet, metallic and mild. 

Photo: Riley Smith

3 – This is an event committed to sustainability

Halifax Oyster Festival is committed to creating a sustainable experience, producing as little waste as possible! The shells left over from the festival are collected in compost receptacles on site and later distributed among local partners, gardeners and artists to be used to help fertilize gardens.

You can even let the organizers know if you’d like to use some of the festival’s leftover shells in your own garden and they’ll organize a collection opportunity for you!

On top of reusing those shells, the festival uses compostable cups and napkins with labeled compost bins on site.

ANOTHER FUN OYSTER FACT: Every day, one oyster filters 50 gallons of water!

Photo: Riley Smith

4 – Oyster Fest isn’t just for oyster fanatics

You don’t have to be a mollusk maniac to have a good time at the fest! Pick up a “Noypster Pass” so you can enjoy the fest without the oysters. At a reduced price, this no-oyster pass is a no-brainer!

What if you change your mind or get a little bi-valve curious? Just head over to the stage during shucking competitions and they’ll get you set up to slurp!

Nova Scotian beer, wine and spirits vendors will be onsite, along with several “non-oyster” food offerings from local restaurants.

5 – Get your oysters (and oyster info!) straight from the source

Since the festival is all-you-care-to-eat oysters for one ticket price, with the sea farmers on hand to talk about their oyster-growing methods, Oyster Fest is an easy way to build your oyster knowledge and appreciation.

This isn’t something that’s standard among oyster festivals either! Most festivals have plenty of restaurants and seafood distributors available to answer questions, but it’s rare to get the chance to talk to the oyster farmers themselves!

At Halifax Oyster Fest, each oyster is served by hard-working sea farmers and their families, many of whom have years of experience and stories to share.

Photo: Ryan Williams

BONUS: Oysters make you ~sexy~

These meaty bivalves deliver a hefty dose of zinc which is great for making you feel good and keeping up your energy.

Not only does the zinc boost your sex drive, but it helps the immune system, delivers great looking skin and makes bones stronger. So, yeah, sexy.

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets to the Halifax Oyster Festival now!

Thank you to The Coast and Halifax Oyster Festival for contributing.

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