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Halifax Burger Week: Expert Advice from The Coast

Burger Week is back in Halifax and we’ve got expert advice from The Coast on exactly how you can be a BURGER WEEK PRO.

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Pro Tip #1: Don’t limit yourself.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional 3 square meals a day, this is a week to celebrate the round ones too, about 125 of them.


Pro Tip #2: Stick to the Passport!

Burger Fraud is real and can affect even the most vigilant of burger lovers. Our advice? Stick to the passport, if it’s not in the passport, it’s not official and does not count towards your entry to win #BeerForAYear!

You can pick up a passport at The Coast (2309 Maynard Street), in the paper, or at any of the participating restaurants. You can also download the passport here.

Feel free to fill out multiple passports for more chances to win our grand prize!

Pro Tip #3: Branch out from your burger basics!

Now’s the time to try something new, maybe a new restaurant or even just a new twist on an old classic.

Be brave, burger fans! Boldly go and get sauced!


Pro Tip #4: Be kind.

Don’t be that person, make sure you treat resto staff with respect, they are working really hard to make sure you have a burgerific good time!

Remember to tip your waiter, and post about your burger on social media so the restaurants feel the love too! 

Be kind to each other: in the end, it’s just a burger.


Now that you’re armed with the very best burger buzz, go forth and enjoy Halifax’s meatiest week of the year!

Find even more Burger Week info, including the 2018 Burger Lineup, as well as Burger Week tips and tricks, here.

Written by The Coast – visit burgerweek.co to see the official site.

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