Eat & Drink August 22, 2014

7 Delicious Halifax-Based Food Trucks

The food scene is one of my favourite things about Halifax – it’s diverse with many options depending on your taste or price range. One area that used to be lacking was a food truck culture, however all that has changed in the past couple of years. Close to 20 trucks have opened in that time, giving Haligonians lots of options for street food.

What I love about food trucks is they are modern and old-fashioned at the same time – modern in that their concepts and food are creative, fun and innovative; old-fashioned in that they are usually small, family-run businesses with a lot of passion behind them, not to mention allow you to have a face-to-face interaction with the person actually making your food, which is very refreshing.

There are many great food trucks around here, but here are my Top 7:

1. Ol’ School Donuts

The menu is simple – 10 mini donuts with your choice of toppings. You can get 10 of one flavour or a split of two and all are only $5! The donuts themselves are really soft and light and I highly recommend half Reese’s Pieces and chocolate sauce, half coconut cream and shaved coconut. I would also recommend sharing with a friend, lest you die of a sugar-overdose (although not a bad way to go, really).

2. Tin Pan Alley

This truck specializes in frites with a global variety of toppings, many you would only expect to find in a Michelin-star restaurant (duck confit, s’il vous plaît?). Each flavour-bomb is served in a paper “cone”, making it super easy to eat on the go. The “Route 66” tastes even better than it sounds, with southern-fried buttermilk backbacon, Foxhill cheddar sauce, whiskey bacon jam (heaven!!) and chives.

3. The Food Wolf

FW is known for their mix of Mexican and Korean staples – think tacos with kimchi.

4. Halifax Press

What’s more comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, how about one with caramelized apples and jalapeno bacon preserve? These are not the sandwiches your mom made you! I also love this truck’s brand – a newspaper concept with announcements titled “breaking news”, and a creative slogan (“all the cheese that’s fit to grill”).

5. Nomad Gourmet

Nomad’s food is a super comforting mix of southern, Mediterranean and Mexican – think burritos, waffles and pita wraps. The pulled pork burrito is delicious and will fill you up for the entire day with a mix of meat, Mexican rice and refried beans. Plus, you can’t help but smile when you see the bright blue sky and grinning backpacker painted on the side.

6. Firefly Feast

This truck is relatively new on the scene, but their Firefries are already well-known – a mix of thinly cut and crispy sweet potato and regular strips, topped with a generous helping of salt and a yummy, creamy mayo on the side. You can even get Eggs Benedict fries for brunch!

7. My Three Cousins

This truck is different in that it’s not actually mobile. You can always find it in the same spot, i.e. across from the Killam Library on University Avenue (on the Dalhousie University campus). It’s also only around in the Summer, Monday to Friday, so it caters mainly to the student and working lunch crowd. They offer delicious Lebanese-style foods, including souvlaki, shish taouk, shawarma, but they are really known for their Greek Fries (basically Greek poutine, only with tzatziki instead of gravy). Yum! Get in on the family affair here.

If you’re a food truck fan, you should definitely download this Street Food App. It is super-handy, showing all the trucks locations on a map, and listing their hours and notes (e.g. cash only). It even keeps running lists of the newest trucks, and the most popular, if you need help deciding what to try.

I always knew that Halifax had a good food scene, but now I know it’s “trucking” awesome!


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