Arts & Culture / Music & Entertainment September 25, 2014

Five Reasons to be in the Front Row at Atlantic Fashion Week

Now entering its 8th season, Atlantic Fashion Week has become a must-attend for those in Halifax who appreciate creativity. Each year has become more elegant and refined than the last, thanks to the dedication of creator and director, Angela Campagnoni. A former designer and owner of City Models, a top local agency, Angela brings 25+ years of industry experience to the table and it shows. As a Halifax-based fashion lover, I appreciate people who put so much time and effort into supporting and promoting local talent.

This year’s AFW is taking place October 2nd-4th and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you should do it soon because I hear they are going fast! And I’m sure this isn’t the case, but if (for some reason) you need more motivation to commit, here are five reasons to be in the front row at Atlantic Fashion Week:

  1. Support Local Artisans

This is basically the whole idea behind the event – showcasing local talent. AFW’s mission is “to remain committed to supporting the budding and well-known fashion designers of both the Atlantic Canada region as well as our Canadian National designers” and their goal is “to honor the evolving artists of this city and to display their brilliant creations for everyone to appreciate.” Local designers at every level of exposure will be featured at two separate designer showcases, so come out and show your support for the talented artisans in your community!

  1. Catch a glimpse of “the next big thing”.

This event not only gives you a chance to see the work of up-and-coming designers, but you can also see the models of tomorrow strut their stuff. Get up close and personal with the next Alexander Wang or Karlie Kloss – you never know where these creatives will end up! When they hit it big, you can say that you “saw them when”. Or at least see what the trends are and how you should update your wardrobe this season (Get to know these future moguls by reviewing the Designer Spotlights here.)

  1. Experience unique venues in a new way

One designer showcase takes place in a car dealership – the other in a furniture store. Sounds weird, I know, but each of these spaces is actually quite beautiful and built for display – large, open and bright; perfect for a fashion show. Personally, I love the idea of seeing O’Regan’s Mercedes-Benz and Atrium in a new way; as a showroom for artistic clothing rather than luxury cars or home accessories. This is a creative event; why not host it in a creative venue?

  1. Hello, eye candy!

Do I really need to remind you that you literally get to sit in a chair and ogle gorgeous clothing and accessories at AFW?! That goes for on the runway and off (read: fashionable people go to fashion shows). I don’t see any negatives to this. Even if what you see is not your taste, AFW is sure to be a feast for the eyes. If you want a preview, I highly recommend checking out AFW on Instagram. Not recommended if you’re in a hurry; you will get seriously sucked in.

  1. Be photographed by a world-class photographer

All of that awesome eye candy on Instagram? Those photos were taken at last year’s AFW by Brent McCombs, head event photographer. Brent is not only the co-owner of Shadow House Studios, the largest photography studio in Atlantic Canada, but has worked and trained around the world (Los Angeles, Argentina and Antarctica, to name a few places). A campaign image Brent created for Veronica MacIsaac event appeared in British Vogue. Be sure to dress to the nines and practice your “smize” – it’s not just the professionals who will be captured in his lense.

People like you ensure these events can keep going, and keep growing. So, buy your ticket and get out there to support our designers at the 8th annual Atlantic Fashion Week! Eat your heart out, New York.


Photo Credit: Michael Carty photography