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Evergreen Festival Sign Up

Develop Nova Scotia and Discover Halifax are excited to announce a brand new winter festival, and hope that your business will be part of the festivities!


Evergreen Festival

Evergreen Festival is a 4-week-long, all-ages, outdoor holiday festival that will come to life across the waterfront and throughout downtown Halifax, November 28 – December 21, 2020.

Restaurants & Hotels

Please complete the form below to register to participate in the Evergreen Festival. Once you have submitted the form below, you will receive an email verifying that your information has been received. If you do not receive an email shortly, please contact Kasey Connely at Discover Halifax.

Register your offer before Nov 3, 2020

Evergreen Events

Please complete the form below if you are an attraction, business and/or partner interested in offering event(s) and/or program(s) specifically themed and tied to the Evergreen Festival. By registering, your event or program will be listed within the Evergreen Events page on the website.

Register your event before Nov 3, 2020.

Retailers & Other Businesses

If you are a retail business interested in participating in Shopping under the Stars, please contact Scott Mackendrick at Spring Garden Area Business Association for more information.

Evergreen Festival Business Sign Up

Evergreen Festival Business Sign Up

Be part of the festival lighting up the streets of downtown Halifax this holiday season!

Contact Information

Primary contact for Festival communications.
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Business Details

Soups & Sips Offer Details

Evergreen Offer
Name your soup something fun and festive!
Name your festive drink!
Exact ingredients aren't necessary, just give consumers an idea of what the offer contains.
Exact ingredients aren't necessary, just give consumers an idea of what the offer contains.
Price point of your offer - we recommend no more than $10.
Please select all options available for your offer: *
Please note: All alcoholic beverages must be consumed on the premises and may not be offered for take out.
Sip Strength *
Dietary Info (optional)
Select any/all that apply to your offer.

Evergreen Getaway Offers

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Package/offer price point.
Please specify what the package/offer includes, discount amount if applicable, as well as all relevant terms and conditions (availability, eligibility, etc.).

Evergreen Events

Businesses interested in offering events and programming themed and tied to the Evergreen Festival can register their event to be included in the Evergreen Events listings on the website (coming soon!).
This could include one-time only or reoccurring programming/special events.
Are you interested in hosting an Evergreen Event during the Festival? *

Evergreen Event Details

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End Time
Please provide all date & time information for your recurring event.
Event location *
Event location
Please provide the street address where the event(s) will take place.
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Include all relevant event details - this is the information that will be displayed on your event listing within the Evergreen Festival website.
Links for Facebook events, businesses you plan to partner with, other information that can be used on social media to promote your event (i.e. Why should someone attend your event?")

Gift Card

Would you like to participate in the Evergreen Festival social media giveaways by providing a gift card or voucher? (min $50)
Giveaways will be run through the Evergreen Festival's social media channels. Businesses will be tagged in social posts where they have provided the giveaway prize!
Min $50 value

Photo(s) & Logo

Please upload one or more high-resolution photos that can be used on the Evergreen Festival website and/or social channels.

Here are a few suggestions to guide the photos you choose:

  • Your soup/sip offer (restaurants)
  • A menu item similar to your offer (restaurants)
  • Your lobby (hotels)
  • A guest room (hotels)
  • Your business interior (especially if you have a photo with holiday decorations from a previous year!)
  • Your storefront/sign/building exterior (same as above - a photo with holiday decorations from previous years will make your listing look festive!)
  • Customers or staff wearing masks and frequenting your business safely!

You may also wish to upload the most up-to-date version of your logo. You can include your logo(s) with your photo submissions below.