Silent Reading at the Imbibrary

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2736 Robie St.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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August 3

You asked, we answered – Silent Reading is BACK!
Like a great book, this event keeps ending up in our mind.
Get ready to experience hours of enforced silence on August 3rd at the Imbibrary (the MouseTrap).
Silent Reading! Books, Beer and Shush. So much Shush!
This time we will be starting at 6pm and you can read in semi-silence (there may be some soft jazz or classical music playing) until your heart desires.
Don’t fret if you’ll be late or need to leave early, we understand everyone is busy and may only want to take a little bit out of each day to relax.


DateAugust 3
Time6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
TagsGood Robot Brewing Co. / Craft Beer
Event CategoryEat & Drink
VenueGood Robot Brewing Company