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Ratha Yatra Festival (Festival of Chariots) by ISKCON Halifax

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July 30

ISKCON Halifax is partnering with IFCNS to organize the first Ratha Yatra Festival (Festival of the Chariots), followed by a Cultural Exhibition, for the spiritual healing of Halifax!
Halifax is an increasingly vibrant and multicultural city, and ISKCON Halifax wants to contribute to that cultural diversity in a GRAND way this summer. The Ratha Yatra Festival is an annual event in larger cities, such as Toronto and Montreal, where thousands of people come out to celebrate and experience the ancient festival originating in India.
Also known as the Festival of the Chariots, the Ratha Yatra Festival originated in the ancient city of Puri, India. During the festival, three mammoth rathas (chariots), upon which the deities of Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra are seated, are pulled by rope on a jubilant procession called a yatra, attracting over a million people annually for the past few thousand years. The parade itself symbolizes the pulling of the Lord into our hearts, and it is done with great devotion to the accompaniment of chanting and dancing, called kirtan.
The main components of the festival will consist of:
– A colorful procession with a giant chariot and deity of Jagannatha on a major road in the heart of the city.
– A festival site in a central area of the city where the parade will conclude and further festivities will begin
– Entertainment, cultural performances, devotional chants and dancing, extravagant worship of the deity of Lord Jagannatha
– Boutiques, spiritual literature about yoga and meditation, henna and face-painting, activities for children
– Free and liberal distribution of sacred vegetarian food offered to the deity
– The opportunity to participate in a rich cultural tradition, and much, much more!
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DateJuly 30
Time12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Tagsmusic / Free events / Food Events / Family-Friendly / Arts & Culture
Event CategoryFestivals
VenueGarrison Grounds