Brainfreeze 2022 – Polar Bear Plunge

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5718 Point Pleasant Dr. (in Point Pleasant Park)

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December 3

We’re welcoming you back to our epic in-person polar bear plunge! This event by and Surf the Greats has been bringing brave souls together to break ice in the name of youth mental health since 2018. This year, we’re inviting Polar Bears to take up our #BearItAll challenge and get real about the need for honesty and bravery when it comes to tackling the youth mental health emergency. We’re looking forward to smashing through some icy waters and fundraising goals with you to support youth mental health leaders, educational talks, groundbreaking resources, and building a better place for young people. Get ready for Brainfreeze 2022!


Date December 3
Time 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Event Category Signature Events
Venue Black Rock Beach