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Master Musicians of Halifax

Have the pleasure of tasting creations by a talented chef who takes you on a journey through our best food & drink from Nova Scotia’s amazing farms, the ocean around us, our stellar breweries, and fantastic wineries that will blow your taste buds away! Then, sit back and enjoy while The Master Musicians of Halifax cap-off your senses with a performance for true music lovers.
You’ll hear a non-stop 90-minute live music performance featuring a delightfully eclectic mix of musical styles—you’ll recognize all the music we play.
This show is inspired by east coast Canadian folk music, traditional fiddle tunes, classic rock, R&B, operatic arias, Sinatra-standards, blues, and classic country, among other styles. Soulful lead vocals, vocal harmonies, instrumental solos, and tight group ensemble playing are featured… and don’t be surprised if you’re asked to sing along!
$20.00 + dinner + beverages + tax + gratuity
Nova Scotian
Locally Owned
Good for Couples
North End Halifax