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572491|Whiskey’s Lounge

Whiskey’s Lounge

We have been operating our business since 1975 from the same location at  the same building. We are the First and Oldest bar in Dartmouth. We offer variety of food, including Donairs and Pizzas. Our Pizzas are made traditionally in a Stone Oven! At Whisky’s Lounge and at Revana Pizza.

In the 50’s this building was a restaurant and dance hall known as the “White Lantern” In the 90’s the current owners restored the restaurant’s exterior to its original form. Whiskey’s and Revana has been used in three feature movies: “The Christmas Shoes” with Rob Lowe “Reversible Errors” with Tom Selleck (The “Jackson Aires Attorney at Law” sign from the movie is still displayed at Whiskey’s!) “Trailer Park Boys: The Movie”

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