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Ataraxy Farm

Ataraxy Farm was started in 2013 as a therapy farm to help my husband with his service related PTSD. It has since grown into a therapy farm to help others too. Many now come to the farm seeking animal therapy with our horses, donkeys, mule, goats and chickens. When we picked the name for our farm it had to have meaning. Ataraxy means a state of serene calmness. And it makes people that visit the farm feel just that, calm.

At our farm we offer free guided interactive farm tours. You learn and visit with our horses, donkeys, chickens, and goats. Each tour booking is gorgeous a maximum of 10 prople. We don’t want yo overwhelm our animals so we kerp the tours individualized to each booked group. You can book your tour online through the farm website.

We are excited to now be offering Ataraxy Yoga. “Ataraxy” means a state of serene calmness. What better way to incorporate the purpose of our farm then to include a meditative yoga. Our farm has partnered up with a great instructor. Lori Taylor is a Trauma Informed Yoga teacher, a Forest bathing guide, a Hiking guide, and a Personal trainer. Lori offers Fitness Ascension Balance. Drawing on a wealth of experience and expertise, Lori will take you on a journey of self knowledge, cleansing, ascension; and transcendence, teaching you to drop limits, habits, emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you. Access your inner perfection, optimize performance, find balance in the eye of any storm, access peace and joy. Our class capacity is 10 per class. It is important that we keep class sizes small so you can really enjoy and relax. You can book your next class directly through our website. The goats are looking forward to seeing you.

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