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595194|Georges Island National Historic Site

Georges Island National Historic Site

Georges Island, a small drumlin in the middle of Halifax Harbour, has been witness to much history, both human and natural. Shaped by glaciers thousands of years ago, the island stood watch as countless generations of Mi’kmaq came to hunt and fish in the woods and waters along the shores. The Mi’maq name for Halifax is K’jipuktuk (“che-book-took”) or “The Great Harbour”. From the mid-18th to mid-20th centuries Georges Island played an active role in the defence of Halifax and the Canadian naval base through both world wars. Tales of executions, expeditions and hidden tunnels surround the folklore associated with this mysterious island. Designated a National Historic Site in 1965, visitors are now invited to explore Fort Charlotte, the intricate tunnel system, harbour defences and enjoy the spectacular views of the Halifax Waterfront!

There are three ways to visit Georges Island:

* Take the ferry to Georges Island with Murphy’s on the Water,, call 902-420-1015 or visit one of the Murphy’s on the Water kiosk locations on the Halifax waterfront. Your ticket includes the ferry to Georges Island and Parks Canada admission fees.

* Travel to the island by private boat, canoe, or kayak. Parks Canada admission paid upon arrival.

* Book a guided kayak tour with Habour Watercraft Tours & Adventure, Parks Canada admission fee included in tour.

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