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5 Ways to Celebrate the Ocean in Halifax

As a city on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Halifax has a special relationship with the world’s second-largest body of water. Our identity is tied to the ocean in innumerable ways, including our legendary seafood, local surf culture, a transit system with a harbour ferry, and so much more.

Next time you’re in Halifax, take a moment to recognize this incredible natural resource, starting with these 5 Ways to Celebrate the Ocean in Halifax.

1 – Kayak one of Halifax’s stunning waterways

Whether you choose to paddle the Northwest Arm, the Prospect coves, the Halifax harbour or anywhere else in the Halifax Region, kayaking is a great way to honour the ocean with little more than a thin layer between you and the sea.

Rent a kayak or try a guided tour with the experts at East Coast Outfitters!

St. Mary’s Boat Club offers canoeing and kayaking programs on the Northwest Arm for all skill levels, and free canoe rentals on weekends throughout the summer. Learn more here.

Want more paddling info? Check out 9 BEST Routes for Canoeing and Kayaking in Halifax!

East Coast Outfitters

2 – Get out and surf on the Eastern Shore

Get out and enjoy one of Halifax’s best features – our fantastic surf conditions, especially at Lawrencetown Beach and Martinique Beach on the Eastern Shore.

The Eastern Shore is known around the world for its high-quality surf, but it’s not just for pros! Halifax is a great place for anyone to surf, from those who have never set foot on a board to surfers who shred the swells daily.

Check out A Local’s Guide to Surfing in Halifax for everything you need to know about surfing in the Halifax Region, or just go ahead and experience it for yourself with this amazing Handpicked Halifax Experience: Learn to Surf on Halifax’s Eastern Shore.

Here are a few local places you can rent a surfboard or take a lesson:

3 – Go Whale Watching!

Nova Scotia offers amazing whale watching in Cape Breton, Digby Neck and Brier Island, but those areas can be tough to access if you’re just visiting Halifax! Fortunately, Ambassatours’ Coastal Exploring Tours, based right here in Halifax, will have no problem making all your whale watching dreams come true!

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4 – Take on Stand Up Paddleboarding

Ready for a new challenge? Try stand up paddleboarding (aka SUP)!

There are several places you can enjoy stand up paddleboarding in the Halifax Region, including:

5 – Dine on sustainable seafood in Halifax

Halifax is known for nothing if not its delicious, fresh seafood, and fortunately respecting our oceans doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy those lobster rolls, fish & chips, lobster dinners, and many other seafood snacks! Halifax is filled with restaurants and markets offering sustainably-caught seafood.

Next time you’re in Halifax, try one of these sustainable seafood options and enjoy the fact that it was likely caught not too far from where you’re eating it!

Each year, Oceans Week HFX hosts a series of free, accessible events, focused on the importance of the oceans in our lives, and the lives of future generations. These events are used to promote  the need to protect this valuable – but vulnerable – resource.


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