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The Halifax Sociable Blog is the best source for an insider’s view of the Halifax region!

Written by Haligonian bloggers, we share tips, tricks, local favourites, hidden gems, fun facts, things to do, festivals and events, plus travel inspiration and so much more to help you get to know our city and make the most of your visit!

10 Places to Find Locally-Crafted Gifts in Halifax

Halifax is home to plenty of amazing independent retailers that offer locally-crafted artisan gift ideas, so check out our list of the Halifax region’s best places to purchase locally-crafted gifts!

5 Instagrammable Places to Stay in Halifax

These accommodations are sure to have your followers double tapping!

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6 Facts About Halifax That Might Surprise You

Think you have a solid grasp on Halifax-life? Think again!

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TOP 5 Places to go Shopping in the Halifax Region

We have done the leg work, we have shopped til we dropped, and finally, after exhaustive retail research (okay, maybe more like extremely enjoyable research), we give you, the ultimate guide to shopping in Halifax!

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10 Halifax TripAdvisor Reviews That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Sit back, relax, and prepare to experience warm and fuzzy feelings as you read some of the sweetest, most heartwarming TripAdvisor reviews of Halifax.

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10 Christmas Gifts That Are Quintessentially Halifax

If you’re looking for something quintessentially-Halifax to give this Christmas, we have some ideas for you!

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10 Little-Known Facts About Maud Lewis’ Art

In celebration of Nova Scotian artist, Maud Lewis making it to the big screen, we’re sharing 10 interesting facts about her art work progression to becoming one of Canada’s most famous folk-artists.

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