Eat & Drink February 4, 2014

Our ALT Hotel ‘Staycation’

It’s no secret that our family loves to travel, but we have discovered that you don’t need to go far to feel the excitement of travelling. You can get that feeling from a short trip or even just going to the airport to pick someone else up. We love airports about as much as we love flying somewhere. We also love taking a staycation, where we can get away to a nice hotel and relax without going far from home. This made me think…what if we put the two together and went on a staycation to an airport hotel? Sound good? We decided to stay a night at the ALT Hotel Halifax Stanfield at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, just for fun.

We’ve stayed at many hotel brands but this was our first time at an ALT hotel and it was different. The ALT brand stands for an alternative experience and that is exactly what you get. ALT hotels are trendy, stylish, eco-responsible and offer a “service light” approach to guest services. Don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean their customer service is substandard. Quite the opposite, in fact. While they do have fewer staff – for instance no doormen or concierge – the staff they do have strive to offer the best customer service possible. The employees of the ALT Hotel Halifax Stanfield were very friendly and went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable. This service light approach allows the ALT hotel brand to offer affordable rates year round. It’s a great concept!

What really impressed me was how eco-friendly the hotel is. The hotel does all of the following:

• Geothermal heating and cooling
• Heat recovery from ventilation exhaust to preheat cold air coming in from the exterior
• Heat recovery from water used in commercial washers
• Energy efficient lighting
• Huge thermal windows with low emission rates that maximize natural light
• Central switch in the rooms to allow lights to be turned off remotely
• Domestic water heating by geothermal energy
• Sensors in the stairwell to control the use of lighting
• Automatic regulation system for ventilation, air conditioning, and heating
• ALT has chosen products that can be reused, refilled, or recycled
• Recycling bins in all rooms and public areas
• Smoke-free environment

This is a step forward that I would love to see many other hotels take. The travel industry has a huge impact on the environment and we need to make changes if we want to keep travelling for many years to come!

The lobby and lounge areas were all beautifully decorated and very comfortable. They do not have a restaurant but have to-go food items such as sandwiches, cheese trays, sweets and delicious coffee available all the time in the lounge. There were fresh croissants available for purchase at breakfast too!

We really liked the guest rooms because the beds were the most comfortable we had ever slept in and the view was amazing! We loved seeing the planes taking off and landing, especially after it was dark. There was free Wi-Fi in the room as well as inputs for electronics.

The pool was small but refreshing and the exercise room was a good size with yoga mats and balls.

I would highly recommend the ALT hotel for business or leisure travelers, as well as anyone else looking to experience the ALT brand. It’s not the best place for kids to spend a lot of time, but it’s great for a night before travelling or a staycation experience.