Eat & Drink September 21, 2015

7 Chowders You Have to Try in Halifax

If it’s your first time visiting the east coast (or if you’re just a seafood enthusiast like me), you know how important it is to dive into a creamy, hearty bowl of seafood chowder. The only question is, where do you go to get your hands on this Nova Scotia staple?

I have eaten a lot of seafood chowder – and even though I’m stuffed to the brim right now – I’ve loved every spoonful.  In fact, I would happily go out and sample 7 more chowders at 7 more restaurants! For now, here are 7 chowders worth trying in Halifax!

1. Waterfront Warehouse

The seasoning was delicious: sharp and tasty. I enjoyed having mussels and shrimp in my chowder and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the corn and carrots were (neither of which I’ve ever had in a seafood chowder before).

How to get there: 1549 Lower Water Street

2. Harbourstone Sea Grill & Pour House

Of all the seafood chowders I tried, Harbourstone’s chowder broth most closely resembled my mother’s recipe. It was milky, softly seasoned and thick: all key things I look for in seafood chowder.

I was also impressed with the portion size of each piece of seafood in the bowl Large pieces of scallops, shrimp, fish, lobster and mussels sat atop the chowder. What a feast for your eyes and your mouth!

How to get there: 1919 Upper Water Street

3. Ryan Duffy’s

The non-traditional chowder at Ryan Duffy’s had nice seasoning. Apparently, it comes from a family recipe, and every Nova Scotian knows that each family likes seafood chowder a different way.

Insider tip: Try going to the South Shore of Nova Scotia – you’ll never get anyone to agree on a recipe!

How to get there: 1650 Bedford Row

4. The Five Fishermen

Now THIS is thick, creamy seafood heaven! The variety of seafood in the bowl – lobsters, shrimp and scallops – mix with a perfect (but not overpowering) seasoning to make this one of my favourite chowders.

I could’ve eaten at least two more servings of this one!

How to get there: 1740 Argyle Street

5. Durty Nelly’s

Having grown up on the South Shore eating seafood chowder all the time, Durty Nelly’s  most closely resembled the chowders of my youth. The seasoning wasn’t overpowering and neither were the vegetables. The variety of seafood was excellent. Durty Nelly’s most definitely offers one of my favourite chowders in town.

Thick and tasty, I enjoyed every spoonful (and those buns that come with your meal? I could’ve happily ordered a basket of just those)!

How to get there: 1660 Argyle Street

6. Your Father’s Moustache

The blend of seasoning made this chowder totally delicious, and it had a great variety of seafood. The broth was thinner than most, which is a nice twist on the classic style.

How to get there: 5686 Spring Garden Road

7. Morris East

Hot and spicy… in the best way! I’m a fan of seafood chowder that includes mussels, so I was delighted when our server brought out our bowls to reveal several big pieces just waiting to be devoured. Zesty seasoning combined with a thick, hearty broth for a party-in-your-mouth experience.

There was a good variety of seafood in my bowl, which prevented one particular type from overpowering the others. This was definitely one of my favourites.

How to get there: 5212 Morris Street

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