Outdoor Adventure May 9, 2016

5 Reasons to Love Spring in Halifax

April showers, snow or otherwise, are supposed to bring May flowers. We’ve all heard this adage, and I know that as I flip my calendar from March to April to May, I feel a building sense of excitement.

While I think most people celebrate the arrival of spring, it seems that after a cool winter, Haligonians really get into the spirit. We’re all looking forward to getting outside and shedding the scarves, boots and wool sweaters of season’s past and embracing the sun.

So pull on your spring jacket (it’s still required, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here), and check out these five reasons to love springtime in Halifax!

1 – The arrival of patio season

When the patios officially start to close up for the season in October, you can feel the collective ‘sigh’ of the city, as we start to mentally prepare for the arrival of winter.

That’s why when the activity starts in earnest around downtown to resurrect the patios, you see more smiles. I don’t care what the calendar says: spring is here when the patios are built.

Take a walk down the waterfront or Argyle Street for so many great patio options – and check out our

2 – The Halifax Public Gardens

The Halifax Public Gardens are a jewel in Halifax, and it’s during the springtime that it really comes to life. All the flowers and plants are waking up after the winter, and you can start to see the promise of blooming flowerbeds and bushes.

Also, Uncommon Grounds and Sugah! are both now open, so you can grab a coffee and an ice cream – perfect for an afternoon stroll.

3 – Great surfing!

When people think of surfing, Halifax might not always be top of mind – but it should be! With our proximity to some AMAZING beaches, many locals often head for the surf.

If you’re new to the sport, the spring and summer offer small to medium waves, making it the ideal time to learn.

Want more information on why Halifax is the best place to learn to surf? Check out this blog post for details.

4 – Bikes are back

Sure, the hardiest of cyclists don’t let winter slow them down, but for us fairweather souls, spring is the best time to get back out on the roads and trails. Looking for some ideas on where to head out? This list has five great ideas.

Don’t own a bike but still looking to explore? I Heart Bikes on the Halifax waterfront has you covered. With options to join a guided cycling tour around the city, or to rent a bike and set out of your own, they’ve got you covered.

5 – Time to take a tour!

Whether you’re hosting guests from away, or a local looking to learn more about the city, there’s a slew of tours that start back up in the spring for you to check out.

Looking to see the city from land and water? Try the Harbour Hopper!

Want to try new food? Don’t miss the Local Tasting Tours.

PLUS check out Halifax’s Top Walking Tours and our 10 BEST Guided Tours!

As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to get outside and try something new!

What are your favourite springtime activities in Halifax? 

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